Folkloric dance group “De Iesselschotsers” from Steenderen in the Netherlands, founded on 1 December 1981, aims to spread and honour the folklore of the eastern part of the Netherlands by means of the dances, music and songs from around 1900.
The group’s name is derived from the river IJssel (Iessel), which flows close to our village.
The group is dressed in the everyday attire from the IJssel region at around 1900.
The whole group dances on traditional wooden shoes.


Back to the 50's

As of May 2011 “De Iesselschotsers” also has authentic attire that was worn on Sundays in the 1940’s in its closet.
They dance the dances that were created between 1920 and 1960, like the La Raspa, Boomps a Daisy, the Lambeth Walk and the Jitterbug (precursor of the Jive), in these clothes.
This group is accompanied by a small band, consisting of accordion, flute, saxophone and trumpet.

Rondje Nederland

“Rondje Nederland” (round-trip the Netherlands) is new in the repertoire of the Iesselschotsers. With this, the dancers are dressed in traditional suits (1850-1920) from several regions of the Netherlands. During the show, explanations of the origin of these suits and dances from these regions are alternated.